Acrylic back adhesive decorative mirror

Acrylic back adhesive decorative mirror

Short Description:

Acrylic wall sticker mirror is a very light but durable plastic environment-friendly mirror,They can be fixed on the wall with nails or double-sided tape ,They are suitable  for indoor or outdoor

(0.6mm-10mm)Acrylic back adhesive decorative mirror (0.6mm-10mm)

Abusolutely Permeability acrylic mirror, less impurities, light weight, flexibility, shatter resistance, replace the traditional glass mirror.


Product Detail

Product Tags

● High-reflection mirror finished product

● Not easy to break ,clear imaging ,Back adhesive

● High-quality mirror, strong picture clarity, more real picture

 The toughest protective back coating, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and odorless

● Easy to process and thermoform into any shape;

● Excellent chemical resistance and insulation;

 Acrylic material, not easy to break, protect your family

 Low water absorption;

● Easy to glue and clean;

 Customized colors available;

Basic Parameters

Item Acrylic protective barriers 
Brand Name: FABULOUS
Material PMMA-100% Virgin PMMA
Thicknes 0.6-10mm
Color Customized
Size Customized
MOQ 500 Kilos
Tel +86-18502007199
Email sales@olsoon.com
Sample Size A4 Size
package PE film or craft paper

Hd mirror

Select high-quality mirror, picture definition is strong, the picture is more real.

Not easy to break off

Acrylic material, not easy to break, protect the family


Bring back glue

Tear namely stick, install simple, stick firmly

Convenient and clean

The surface is smooth and easy to clean


Process We Provide


Design can be Customized

Please provide the design drawings you want, only for your personal customization.

Installation steps

Acrylic back adhesive decorative mirror (18)

Plastic Surface

Mirror Surface

Smooth Metal Surface

Glass Surface

Tile Surface

Smooth Plank


Paint Wall

Dust Wall

Chipping Wall

Bump Wall

Wet Wall

Package delivery


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