Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet (0.6mm-10mm)

Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet (0.6mm-10mm)

Short Description:

Mirror acrylic sheet is a kind of acrylic sheet by mirrored on one side to be a mirror sheet,is a highly reflective mirror on one side only with a gray painting backing and with a strong protective plastic film on the surface side.

Product Detail

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Features &Benefits:

● Anti scratch

● Strong surface hardness

● High mechanical strength

● Good weather resisting property

● Unique sturdy painting and coating

● Non toxic, eco friendly

● Long service time

Wide range of applications due to their excellent impact resistance and light weight 

1. Signage

2. Display and point-of-sale

3. Store design

4. Interior fittings for decoration

5. Home and commercial gyms

6. Dance studios

7. Night club and pubs

8. Applications in the food service industry

9. Where safety requires the light-weight and shatter resistance of acrylic plastic sheet


Technical capabilities

Excellent thermoforming qualities, can be cut, drilled and sawn using standard workshop equipment.


Custom Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Professional Customized Mirror Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Colored with gold, mirror Perspex is a very stylish choice for home decor to elevate the style, creating an impression of grace, beauty and elegance. Perspex branded acrylic sheet offers a 10 year guarantee, guarding against weathering and the overall outdoor performance. In addition with other excellent properties and outstanding material, gold mirror Perspex is presenting itself in the commercial use. More applications can be found in display and exhibition shows,architecture design, cosmetics and electronics.

Basic Parameters

 Item Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Material 100% Virgin PMMA
Thickness 0.6-10mm
Color Customized
Size 1220*2440mm(4*8ft), 1220*1830mm(4*6ft), customized size
telephone: +86-18502007199
E-mail: sales@olsoon.com
Sample A4 size
Masking PE film or craft paper
Application Construction decoration and kinds of furniture materials.

Advertising board lighting equipment

Doors, windows, lampshades and corrugated roofing materials

Mechanical covers, electrical scales, insulation materials



With crystal clear transparency, soft light and clear vision.


Flexible and shatter proof.



Using new materials, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.


Lighter than ordinary glass


Package delivery



1. How to clean and maintain the acrylic board?

A: Wash with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

2. Can you customize the size I want?

A: We can customize the size, and we can also provide mirror processing, color customization, engraving and printing, product packaging and other one-stop services.

3. How big is your acrylic sheet?

Answer: Conventional size of large plate: 1220*1830 or 1220*2440mm, commonly used thickness 0.8-10mm.

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