China becomes the world's largest consumer of acrylic resin
Oct 16, 2018

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, the profit of general-purpose acrylic resin is falling. Under this circumstance, if you want to expand the profit of acrylic products, only the high-performance products will be developed, and people will have no one. Only in this way can we truly improve the competitiveness of products participating in the market and improve the overall efficiency of the company. Architectural coatings account for the largest proportion of all coatings. China's architectural coatings account for 24% of acrylic coatings and are in the middle of the world. At present, China's annual output is about 500,000 tons, of which 60% is for interior walls, 25% for exterior walls, and 15% for others.

Asia Pacific, Europe and North America dominated the acrylic resin market in 2013, which together accounted for 85% of market capacity and 75% of market value. The growth of related industries in developing countries and regions has greatly boosted the acrylic resin market. China is now the world's largest consumer of acrylic resins and the largest acrylic resin market. It is expected that its compound annual growth rate will be twice the global average from 2014 to 2019.

It is expected that by 2019, the fastest growth rate in the acrylic resin market will come from paints and coatings for residential and commercial buildings, decorative coatings and DIY self-painting coatings.

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