Structural Composition Of Plexiglass Lenses
Oct 16, 2018

1. The plexiglass is made of polymethyl methacrylate, and the polymethyl methacrylate contains a polar side methyl group, which has strong hygroscopic property. The water absorption rate generally needs to be kept dry on the acrylic sheet, and the condition required for drying is 78. Dry at °C-80 °C for 5-6h.

2. Plexiglass is an invisible polymer, its shrinkage range is decreasing, generally in the range of 0.45%-0.9, so it provides good conditions for the molding precision in the production of acrylic, and is generally formed. They are all very precise.

Third, the adaptation range of polymethyl methacrylate to ambient temperature does not have ordinary fluidity, but has non-Newtonian fluidity. Therefore, at high temperature, the solubility of plexiglass will decrease. This is plexiglass. Very sensitive to temperature.

Fourth, the temperature of the plexiglass in the process of flow is generally around 150 ° C, but when the plexiglass begins to decompose, the temperature is higher than 270 ° C, so it is still very flexible in terms of temperature changes, will not be affected Produced by the influence of temperature, high temperature resistance is the characteristic of plexiglass.

Fifth, plexiglass also has good cutting performance, can be processed by laser cutting under the condition of good size, simple and high quality, this feature is not possessed by glass, so acrylic can withstand high temperature and low temperature environment. Consumers don't have to worry about temperature during the production process.

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