Hot bending

Hot bending

Hot bending is the process of making acrylic sheet or sheet into products of various sizes and shapes. The blank which is cut to the required size is clamped on the heating frame, which is softened by heating, and then pressed to make it close to the mold surface, so as to get the same shape as the mold surface. After cooling and shaping, the edge of the products can be obtained.


Local hot bending

(as shown in the figure: exhibition frame is the result of local hot bending), acrylic plate hot bending into a right Angle, made of smooth arc. It is the most widely used way in the processing process of acrylic products. Cut an acrylic sheet, melt the acrylic edge with a high temperature die rod, and bend it into a right Angle with a tight die surface. Acrylic products smooth arc production is completed.


The whole all hot melt, hot bending process is yakeli board need to acrylic products put in the oven, when the oven temperature rise to acrylic, after the melting point of acrylic sheet will slowly become soft, then take out the acrylic products placed on the mould, then slowly cooling will completely break on the mould, hot melt after the yakeli encounter cold air gradually returned to harden, and began to fixed shape. Nowadays, many industries use acrylic materials to make products, such as hotel supplies, display shelves of shopping malls, acrylic sheets for decoration and so on.

Post time: Dec-03-2021