Ultraviolet LED Inkjet printing(Uv printing for short)

Ultraviolet LED Inkjet printing(Uv printing for short)


UV printing process mainly refers to the use of special UV ink in UV printing machine to achieve local or overall UV printing effect.  UV ink is a kind of green ink, with instant rapid curing, no volatile organic solvent VOC, less pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics.  UV printing is the use of UV ink printing, the use of UV light drying printing.  

UV printing without platemaking a printing complete, colorful rich, wear resistance, UV resistance, simple and convenient operation, printing image speed, fully in line with industrial printing standards generally speaking, solvent based ink can only leave 20% of the pigment on the substrate, and UV ink can leave 100% of the pigment.  


Adhesion is fundamental, UV ink fixation speed, good conjunctiva performance, good adhesion to all kinds of printing materials, in water or boiling water does not fall off.  Among them, resin and active diluent play the role of fixing pigment and providing film forming properties;  Pigments give ink moderate color and cover power to the substrate;  Photoinitiator is required to be able to absorb photons under the interference of pigments to initiate polymerization.  


No marks, smooth quickly after brushing or spraying


Good transparency, coating film colorless, transparent.


scratch resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali and other properties are better than ordinary ink, in the outdoor use of signs, billboards, printed matter can maintain long-term bright as new, do not fade.  


Green environmental protection, UV ink can provide users with solvent-based ink with green environmental protection characteristics.  

Post time: Dec-06-2021