Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming

Blister forming is the use of negative pressure, the use of infrared heater heating different plastic sheet, placed above the mold, evacuated by vacuum pump, forming cooling, reprocessing finished products.

Blister products are made by baking the sheet hot, and then pushing the sheet out by suction to bond the sheet and the mold, and then after cooling molding.

Blister molding production: using automatic high speed blister molding machine production, Its basic principle is: will roll the sheet into electric oven heated to softening, take hot again pull to blister mould and mould up and vacuum, will soften the sheet to the mold surface adsorption, at the same time, the cooling water to spray fog forming sheet surface, make its hardening, forming of sheet is automatically pulled to storage container, pneumatic cutting knife molding and forming sheet separation, thus finish The whole process.

Blister forming: we often talk about blister, blister forming machine will be heated to soften the plastic sheet adsorption on the surface of the mold, after cooling, the formation of concave and convex shape of plastic.

Post time: Dec-02-2021