Rose Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet (0.6mm-10mm)

Rose Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet (0.6mm-10mm)

Short Description:

Mirror acrylic sheet is also called plexiglass or pmma mirror board. It is a kind of plastic mirror. popular used in many industries, like: make-up mirror, packing box, art craft, and so on. And the 3mm are the most popular thickness at the market. Highly reflective mirror side is protected by an easy peel strong film.

Product Detail

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● Various colors available for custom;

● Toughest protective backside coating in waterproof, scratch-resistant, and odorless;

● Easy to process and thermoform into any shape;

● Absolutely clear mirror surface, less impurities, light weight, flexibility, shatter resistance, instead of traditional glass mirror surface.

● High-reflection mirror finished;

● Excellent chemical resistance and insulation;

● Low water absorption;

● Easy to glue and clean;


Custom Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Professional Customized Mirror Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Acrylic mirror sheet is made of extruded acrylic sheet by electroplated mirror finished and coating the painting on its back for protection. The coating we use is the most toughest, water-proof, anti-scratch and no-smell type to protect the mirror.The most special thing that this hard coated anti scratch acrylic mirror sheet has  not just because it is anti scratch comparing to the traditional acrylic but it possesses our patented self developed coating material, long lasting, odorless and eco friendly .The sheet combines all the advantages together which absolutely a very fine material for many residential, commercial, industrial, and professional uses.

Basic Parameters

Item Grey Acrylic Mirror Sheet
Material 100% Virgin PMMA
Thickness 0.6-10mm
Color Customized
Size 1220*2440mm(4*8ft), 1220*1830mm(4*6ft), customized size
telephone: +86-18502007199
E-mail: sales@olsoon.com
Sample size A4 Size
Masking PE film or craft paper
Application Construction decoration and kinds of furniture materials. 

Advertising board lighting equipment

Doors, windows, lampshades and corrugated roofing materials

Mechanical covers, electrical scales, insulation material



With crystal clear transparency, soft light and clear vision.


Flexible and shatter proof.



Using new materials, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.


Lighter than ordinary glass


Package delivery



1. How big is your acrylic sheet?

Answer: Conventional size of large plate: 1220*1830 or 1220*2440mm, commonly used thickness 0.8-10mm.

2. What is the minimum order quantity of customized bulk acrylic plate?

Answer: yes, general transparent board moQ 1 tons, color mirror board moQ 2 tons. Specific how many pieces are about to see your specification and craft to decide.

3. Can you provide acrylic sheet samples?

Answer: Yes, generally our samples are A4 size, free of charge to customers, freight collect. If the customer has other requirements for the sample, we will charge a certain sample fee according to the requirements.

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