Acrylic Sheet and Plexiglass

Acrylic Sheet and Plexiglass


“Plexiglass” comes from Organic Glass. In recent years in some areas will be made of all transparent plastic plate collectively known as plexiglass, in fact, this is wrong, acrylic is specifically refers to pure poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) material, and the PMMA plate called acrylic plate.

 1. The characteristics and advantages of acrylic plate

Acrylic with high transparency, light transmittance up to 92%, “plastic crystal” reputation. And has excellent weather resistance, especially used in outdoor, other plastic crown, and both good surface hardness and luster, processing plasticity, can be made into a variety of required shapes and products. Another plate of a wide variety of rich color (including translucent color plate), another feature is that the thick plate can still maintain high transparency.

 2. The use of acrylic

PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price and easy to shape. Its molding methods are casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, hot molding and so on. Injection molding, in particular, can be mass produced, simple process, low cost. Therefore, it is increasingly widely used in instrument parts, car lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes and so on.

Acrylic is the best new material that can make sanitary ware after ceramic. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic in addition to the incomparable high brightness, there are the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage; Strong repair, as long as the soft foam dipping point toothpaste can be wiped clean; Soft texture, no cold feeling in winter; Colorful, can meet the individual pursuit of different grades. Make stage basin, bath crock, sit implement with yakelic, not only design is exquisite, durable, and have environmental protection effect, its radiate line and the radiate degree of skeleton of oneself of human body differ almost. Acrylic sanitary ware first appeared in the United States, has occupied the entire international market more than 70%.

Due to the difficulty of acrylic production, high cost, so there are many quality low-cost substitutes on the market. These substitutes, also known as “acrylics,” are actually ordinary organic boards or composite boards (also known as sandwich boards). Ordinary organic board with ordinary organic glass cracking material and pigment casting, surface hardness is low, easy to fade, polishing effect is poor after polishing with fine sand. The composite board has only a thin layer of acrylic on the surface, and the ABS plastic in the middle is easy to delaminate under the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction in use. True or false acrylic can be identified from the subtle color difference of the plate section and the polishing effect.

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