Fine carving CNC carving cutting

Fine carving CNC carving cutting

Precision carving CNC carving system (CNC engraving technology) is a combination of traditional engraving technology and modern NUMERICAL control technology, it inherits the traditional engraving fine light, flexible and free operation characteristics, while using the traditional CNC processing automation technology.

Compared with the traditional NUMERICAL control processing, CNC engraving has the following characteristics: CNC engraving processing object has the characteristics of small size, complex shape and fine product requirements; CNC engraving process is characterized by the use of small tools for processing; CNC engraving products have high dimensional accuracy and good product consistency. Because the spindle speed is high, the tool is small, so the workpiece is processed more carefully, and the surface finish is high. Fine CNC engraving machine body is relatively small, small moving parts, light weight, easy to turn quickly, turn around, processing small workpiece average processing speed will be relatively high. Therefore, carved CNC engraving machine is suitable for use of small tools, small and medium-sized workpieces, fine detail parts processing, light, high clean degree of CNC milling machine, machining center using larger cutting tools, processing large workpieces, because of its low spindle speed and use tools, processing and surface finish relatively low engraving machine, and small parts processing does not reach the designated position. And these processing is not in place and poor finish, but also by engraving machine to help complete, reduce the later processing capacity.

CNC engraving features


processing objects

text, pattern, texture, small complex surface, thin wall parts, small precision parts, irregular art relief surface, etc.



Processing object characteristics

small size, complex shape, fine product requirements


cutting features

high dimensional accuracy.

Post time: Dec-11-2021