Maintenance And Use Of Resin Lenses

1. When the glasses are not worn, they should be placed in the mirror box. Do not touch the outer surface (outer surface) of the lens with the hard object.

2. Rinse with tap water before wiping the lens. If there is oil, wash the detergent for the dishwashing and rinse it with tap water, then use a soft tissue to blot the water.

3. Wipe the lens with a special fiber cloth. If the fiber cloth is dirty, it can be washed before use.

4. add resin film or cosmic film should be guarded against high temperature, do not wear glasses to take a hot bath, not to wear glasses to wash the sauna; do not put the glasses in the car in the summer without people; do not put hot air when blowing Blow directly onto the lens.

5. Although the surface of the resin lens has been specially hardened, it is still slightly inferior to the glass, so it is necessary to avoid rubbing with hard objects. Try not to wear it while swimming on the beach.

Post time: Jul-01-2018