Pink Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Pink Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Short Description:

Extruded acrylic sheet is also called plexiglass or pmma board. The Pink transparent sheet looks like colored crystal and has excellent characteristics. The flexibility of it is evidenced mainly by the staggering variety of dimensions it can be ordered in. The material is popularly put into use in decoration, advertising, promotion, exhibition, trade show and displays.

Product Detail

Product Tags

● Lightweight and impact resistant

● Uniform thickness and smooth finish

● Better impact resistance than glass

● Strong and durable

● Chemical resistant

● Easy to clean

● Low moisture absorption rate


As an economical and general-purpose plastic sheet, colored acrylic sheet is the creative alternative to glass, which offers a more eye-catching effect and more impact resistance. Meantime, it offers lighter weight and better processability, it can be manufactured to any shape by cutting, drilling, engraving, milling, polishing, thermoforming, etc.

Basic Parameters

item name High transparent acrylic sheet
brand name FABULOUS
materials 100% raw material PMMA plexiglass
The thickness range 0.6-10mm
colour customizable
The available sizes 1220*2440mm(4*8ft), 1220*1830mm(4*6ft),customizable
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 500KG
telephone +86-18502007199
E-mail sales@olsoon.com
sample A4 size
Masking PE film or kraft film
Application 1 Building decoration, all kinds of furniture materials
2 Advertising board lighting equipment
3 Doors, Windows, lampshades and corrugated roofing materials
4 Mechanical cover, electrical ruler, insulation material



01/Preferred Virgin materials, quality assurance

Guarantee the processing and production with new materials

Quality assurance panel with good light transmittance

Not easy to be brittle and durable

02/Duplicate Protection

Double-sided protective film,can avoid acrylic sheet scratch damage in the process of processing and transportation   


03/Various thickness available

Selection of thickness specifications to meet the needs of various industries and all thicknesses in sufficient supply.

04/safe and reliable

Safe and not easy to break, toughness, no cutting hands, no smell


Package delivery



1. Can you customize the size I want?

A: We can customize the size, and we can also provide mirror processing, color customization, engraving and printing, product packaging and other one-stop services.

2. Can you provide acrylic sheet samples?

Answer: Yes, generally our samples are A4 size, free of charge to customers, freight collect. If the customer has other requirements for the sample, we will charge a certain sample fee according to the requirements.

3. Are you a factory?

Answer: Yes, our factory is located in Huizhou, China, covers an area of 15000 square meters, has 18 years of production experience, is a professional manufacturer of acrylic plate and plastic mirror.

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